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Join us for Training in Disciple Making 

Disciple Making

LLI is committed to stepping alongside disciple makers to equip and encourage them.

Accompanying Others in Grief 2 

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Dates: Sept. 13 - Oct. 4

Ministry Teams

Team Building for Ministry Team Online or In-person
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Benefits of our training programs

Experienced Trainers have designed learning paths equipping you to grow in your journeys of faith with Jesus and preparing you with tools to "Go and Make Disciples of all Nations". 

In a multicultural experiential learning environment participants engage in Bible teaching, spiritual formation, team building, discipleship training, leadership development, and learn skills to build Gospel Bridges.

Experiential Learning

Our training is designed to provide participants with "hands-on" learning and time to process and reflect on their experiences. 

Multiculturally Oriented

Connect and grow in community with Christ followers as you learn from and with disciple makers around the globe.

Mentored Approach

Longing to have someone walk alongside you? The mentored environment in our training provides you with a place to process in an authentic and safe community as you follow Jesus.

Latest from our blog

Guiding Another Through Grief

Loss and grief are part of life in this fallen world we live in. As leaders it is crucial for us to understand how to respond to our own grief because we can’t lead others well to places we haven’t addressed in our own hearts and lives.

In this webinar, we’ll explore what grief is. We’ll also look at why grief is important to address and a model from Jesus of how he responded to grief. Finally, we’ll look at some practical ways we can address our own grief and help others as they are grieving their losses. 

Date: August 23, 2022 (Please check Time Zone and date when you register.)

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Our participants want you to know about their experience

"BRIDGE training was a beautiful time to be with God and rest in Him. I really experienced the power of God’s word. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet people from different nationalities and to be a part of one body. I want to invite you to experience this amazing BRIDGE training."
Rasa from Lithuania
"I learned what it looks like to be a servant leader, an effective planner, and to cultivate an attitude of prayer on all occasions. I enjoyed having mentors and walking through debrief with them. It is a tool I plan to take with me. The TRANSFORM training will actually transform your life."
JOE from Fiji
"DISCOVER training is about discovering the potential you have and the potential of your team and your place in the team. You discover the areas where you can grow and you experience elements you need to grow as a leader or whatever your role is on a team."
IISAK from Estonia