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8th Annual Go Global Leadership Race

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Your gifts enable LLI to provide training and spiritual refreshment for disciple makers who invest into others.
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You can choose to make a one-time or recurring gift enabling our team to walk alongside disciple makers as they serve in Jesus' Great Commission around the world.


Every Gift Matters
Your gift enables care for the Community throughout the month.


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Provides one Online Webinar Training Event.


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Your gift enables us to provide member care, sponsors a webinar, and supports a student intern.


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Your gift provides a month of member care, sponsors a webinar, supports a student intern and enables LLI to provide online and onsite training.


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Your gift covers the onsite cost for a TRAINER to invest into others for a weeklong Training Track.


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Your gift enables LLI eTraining to provide training resources for disciple makers throughout the year.

Together in Jesus' Great Commission

Thank you for the webinar! I came with no expectations. Just wanted to learn something fresh and new that I could use with my teaching ministry. And I definitely did.
OLA (Poland)
I'm very grateful for the opportunity to take part in OSMICA PCGI training. The experience and knowledge I gained there is very precious and helpful for me in developing rock climbing ministry in Ukraine.
Andrii (Ukraine)

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