Advanced Training in
Disciple Making

Servant Leader Training

Grow as a Multicultural Disciple Maker in a Mentored Environment and Implement Your Training in a VBS style Community Outreach.

Experiential Learning

Grow through hands-on learning in the midst of a Christian community of young leaders (ages 22-30) from around the world. Woven throughout your training are times of mentored reflection.

Great Commission Outreach

Grow through experience as you take what you learn individually and as a ministry team and reach out to a local community, and help equip others to serve in Jesus' Great Commission. 


Emerging servant leaders join us for a transformational 2-week session where they participate in habits of grace, are equipped to disciple as Jesus modeled in the context of relationship, and grow in understanding Jesus’ call to GO and make disciples of all nations.

During the first week, participants walk through mentored spiritual retreat and training preparing them to GO and serve as a ministry team and to develop as disciple makers. Then it is time to serve together in a VBS style outreach where participants put their training into practice. Training finishes with reflection on the experience and what God has been teaching each Christ follower before they return to their nations.
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California Training Hub

Dates: June 29th - July 15th , 2024
Length: 2 weeks
English (Training and Outreach),
English & Spanish (Outreach)
Week 1: Hilltop Renewal Center – Idyllwild, California
Week 2: Santa Ana, California
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Some benefits of this training

In this experiential learning training, participants (ages 22-30) learn skills for serving on multicultural ministry teams and implement training through outreach and discipleship ministry assignments. Mentors and Trainers step alongside you providing a safe place for you to reflect and grow as you walk through each stage of BRIDGE.

Cross-cultural Missions

Sensing a calling you are to serve Jesus by going and making disciples cross-culturally. Explore missions in a mentored environment.

Core Training Elements

Every element is purposely selected to help you grow as a disciple maker for life and give you space to practice what you are learning.


Complete your undergraduate and graduate internship requirements through BRIDGE.


Arrive on June 29th to get ready for a week of servant leadership training and a week of service in a multi-cultural outreach in partnership with SU USA (watch video).

Onsite Training

Journey through Applied Bible Study Methods and Cross-cultural Discipleship Training as you prepare for serving on a multicultural ministry team. 

Ministry Assignments

Apply what you learn as you serve together in a VBS style ministry in a local park. While you serve, you will also be discipling youth so they can take this outreach in August to Mexico.

Mentored Reflection

Woven throughout the 2 weeks are opportunities for you to process what you are experiencing and to listen to God as He grows your heart to serve in Jesus' Great Commission.
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Tim (USA)

This training taught me to be a multicultural servant leader.
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Signe (Latvia)

Not only did we receive training, but we were able to apply what we learned in ministry. 
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Joe (Fiji)

This training will actually transform your life. I have learned lessons I plan to apply as a servant leader.