Get into God's Creation

Help Others Get Outdoors

​Through DISCOVER Outdoor Adventure your team develops skills to enable others to get away from the routines of life so they can hear and obey God's word and spend time exploring God's amazing Creation.

Experience Bushcraft

Grow as a team as you learn basic survival by building a debris shelter, have fun through Ready • Aim • Fire activities, and enjoy a campfire special dessert together.
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Awareness Treks

Learn to use a map and compass, take a 5 Senses Creation Hike or see empathy grow on a Community Trust Walk. Each experience through God's Creation as a group will expand your understanding of how to take care of God's Creation, grow in caring for others, and lead you to worship the true and living God.
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Expectations & Debrief

You will learn together what each of you desires to take away from the experience and spend time throughout the journey reflecting on the lessons learned. Together you will discover more about using God's creation as a tool for discipleship and outreach ministry.
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