GROW as a Disciple Maker

Choose Your Course Path

Over this two week training participants may select courses that align with their needs to grow as disciple makers. You may choose to come for 1 or 2 weeks of training.

Course Descriptions

Each course incorporates experiential learning so you not only practice what you are learning, but you have opportunity to reflect with others about your experience.

Habits of Grace

Learning from the life of Christ and his disciples, this course challenges participants to apply habits of grace fostering spiritual growth. Participants will explore nurturing an intimate relationship with God and how developing spiritual habits (prayer, solitude, word, etc.) provides an environment enabling them to mature in their walks with Christ. It includes developing a proper view of God, cultivating Christ-likeness and emphasis on integrating this while participating in Jesus' Great Commission. ​​

Acts & the Gospel

In the Book of Acts God has provided for us an inspired history of the early missionary spread of the gospel from a highly Jewish context out into the pagan cultures of the Western Roman Empire. This course emphasizes careful study of the biblical text, giving attention to the literary structure and theology of Acts, while considering practical applications of Acts for contemporary evangelism and cross-cultural missions.

Sport & Play in Discipleship

Love sport? Love Jesus? Want to know how the two can come together to reach children and young people? Participants will have the opportunity to explore the theory and practice of sports ministry through classroom teaching, experiential learning, and a focused time in developing your own curriculum. Participants will be looking at how sport, games, and play can be used to share or be used to explore the Christian faith in three different context settings: schools, churches and community. There’ll be plenty of time to discuss and network with others and to begin to develop how you can use sport and play ministry in your own context.

Christian Counseling

Discover how you can walk alongside others using basic counseling techniques. You will gain understanding of what the counselor's role is, what is happening in the mind and the heart of those we counsel and what part belongs to God. Through this course, participants will gain a proper view of mental, emotional and spiritual health as God designed it to be and how to help others in need. ​

Gospel & Experiential Learning

In this hands-on training participants are equipped to present God's Big Story in an engaging way. Creativity, community and the Word of God are combined in this experiential learning course. Participants will learn to use teachable moments, God's creation, reproducible teaching tools and the art of metaphor in ministry and Gospel presentations.