Disciple Makers for Life 

Stepping Alongside You as Disciple Makers.

We make training accessible for participants from all over the world. Our team is committed to providing disciple makers opportunities to grow in an authentic relational environment equipping and empowering them to "Go and make disciples of all nations."

Meet our team

Each member of our team are disciple makers who are passionate about training up and encouraging others to be disciple makers. Our trainers and mentors create authentic and vulnerable places where followers of Jesus can grow. 
Beata Widmann
Trainer: Christian Counseling
How do I help broken people discover a life of healing they can experience in Jesus? 

Along with her husband Hans, Beata, a Christian Counselor, has served in ministry for over 20 years. She loves sharing with others in creative ways how Jesus loves to enable us to live with Him. 
Hans Widmann
Trainer: Gospel & Experiential Learning
Jesus used the art of metaphor and the experiences of life to explain God's truth. Join Hans to look at presenting the Gospel through experiential learning tools. 
Join Hans, National Leader and experiential learning teacher from SU Austria as he teaches you how to use simple woodblocks in unlocking biblical truth for children and families.
Emily Twigg
Trainer: Sport & Play Great Commission Ministry
No matter your athletic ability, Emily looks forward to helping you learn to use Sport & Play in building Gospel Bridges with the whole family.

​Serving in the UK as a Strategic Sports Minister ​with PSALMS ministries, a Christian sports ministry that steps alongside local ministries, her heart's desire is to see God break through and transform the lives of young people.
Michael Brent
Trainer: Acts & the Gospel
How do you share the Gospel with those in need of this life changing message? Your journey through Acts incorporates a focus on sharing this Good News that continues to change lives for eternity.

For over 20 years in Croatia, it has been Michael's privilege to equip Christ followers, enabling them to grow in their knowledge of God's Word and how to faithfully handle it in ministry.
Steve Meeker
Trainer: Habits of Grace
In a "Christian culture" shouting to you to be busy for Jesus, you will be challenged to rest and draw near to God as you cultivate Habits of Grace preparing you for a lifetime of ministry.

Serving for over 26 years in Croatia and since 2014 as the Director of LLI, Steve considers it a privilege to walk alongside teams and young leaders as they learn to abide in Christ in Community. ​​
Lina Cetinić
Administrative Assistant: Logistics
When you come and participate in LLI, Lina's hope is that you will find a place where you are accepted and encouraged to discover the gifts God gave you to become a blessing to others.