Serve Cross-culturally in Jesus' Great Commission

Is God Calling You to GO Serve Cross-Culturally?

Experience Missions in a Mentored Environment Through Bridge Training


Bridge multicultural elements provide you with opportunities to explore a call to serve in Jesus' Great Commission in a cross-cultural environment.
You and your local church leadership could be sensing Jesus is calling you to be involved in His work by going and making disciples cross-culturally.

BRIDGE trainers step alongside you in order to equip you with tools to serve in Jesus' Great Commission around the world.  
Missions emphasis participants are mentored and experience cross-cultural missions through the outreach and discipleship ministry assignments.  

Here is what you will walk through

Arrival & Orientation

Arrive at training hub and get to know the team.

Training in Person

During this week of spiritual retreat and training, our team will help prepare you for your ministry assignments.

Ministry Assignment

Put training into practice during this weeklong VBS style ministry in a local park.

Mentored Reflection

Learn - put into practice - re-evaluate.
Take the time to learn from your experience.

Experiential Training

Grow as you both learn and apply new knowledge and tools.

Local Outings

Relax on a beach or explore a local attraction.

Frequently asked questions

Why go on a cross-cultural missions experience?

Cross-cultural ministry expands your vision on what Jesus is doing in other parts of the world.

  • Going as a learner will change your perspective on serving in Jesus’ Great Commission, and open doors for you to discover what outreach and discipleship look like in a different cultural context. 
  • Experiencing where others sleep, eat, and walk enables you to learn to communicate God's truth in a Gospel bridge building way that spans culture.

Stepping out of your comfort zone provides an opportunity for your life to be changed forever and your love for others to grow as you serve in God’s kingdom work globally.

What kind of outreach or discipleship will I be involved with? 

During the training phase of Bridge, you will be learning skills to equip you for the outreach and discipleship phase. These assignments typically are located either in a park or at a beach where you partner with a local church in their Holiday Club (VBS) style outreach ministry.

What will it cost?

Your training costs are covered through support raising, Servant Leadership scholarships, and sponsorships. No matter the funding method, God has always provided the funds needed for our LLI participants.