Serve on a multicultural Team

Are You Looking to Complete Your Internship?

Internship Track

Consider the Bridge Internship track if you are looking to grow as a disciple maker and make a difference while completing your academic internship. 
In a mentored environment you will train and learn to serve together on a multicultural team while you fulfill your internship requirements. Our internship track provides an environment where you can discover and grow in these 4 leadership qualities:  
  • Character 
  • Commitment
  • Call
  • Competency

Reflections from Our Alumni

Doing an LLI internship has been one of the best decisions I've ever made! God used my time at LLI to challenge and change me and even now, years later, my experience there still shapes the way I serve and lead both at my workplace and in ministry context.
Signe (Latvia)
Rachel (USA)
LLI will be life changing in your spiritual life, practical skill sets, team work and the way you see people. It is Christ centered and followed by the teaching of the Bible which makes it far more precious than any other leadership course could be.
Siret (Estonia)