Grow as a
Disciple Maker

Experience And Apply What You Learn Through BRIDGE Core Elements.

Core Elements of Training

Habits of Grace

Learning from the life of Christ and his disciples, this element of training encourages participants to apply habits of grace fostering spiritual growth. Participants will explore nurturing an intimate relationship with God and how developing spiritual habits (prayer, solitude, word, etc.) provides an environment enabling them to mature in their walks with Christ. It includes developing a proper view of God, cultivating Christ-likeness and emphasis on integrating this while participating in Jesus' Great Commission. ​​

Disciple Maker Training

In this experiential learning community, emerging servant leaders are guided through training, practice and mentored times of reflection as they grow as disciple makers. As participants explore Jesus’ Great Commission, specific focus is given to developing dependent, compassionate, discerning and reconciling traits enabling them to step alongside others in Jesus' ministry globally.

(Note: SU LLI BRIDGE asks churches or organizational leadership to provide a minimum of 1 year for their participant to join in ministry where they may put into practice what they learn through BRIDGE. Previous experience in disciple making either one-on-one or in small groups enriches the experience of participants.)

Outreach Discipleship Ministry

In this hands-on training participants are equipped to present God's Big Story in an engaging way. Creativity, community and the Word of God are combined in this experiential learning training. Participants will learn to use reproducible teaching tools in ministry and Gospel presentations. Additionally, they are given opportunity to put into practice relational discipleship skills with local volunteers during the outreach week.