Breathing Hope into Vision

Nov 30 / Victor Millan
As a pastor, I was tired of the volunteer culture where we placed people into positions at church to fill voids but really didn’t take the time to equip them to be disciple makers. It left me feeling drained, as those we trained would drop out of ministry after a season often “burned out” and needing a long break.

Honestly, we all needed healthy breaks, including myself but with the stress of always needing to fill voids, I felt overwhelmed and couldn’t imagine taking a much-needed Sabbatical.

In my gut, I longed for disciple makers to grow organically and to see them not only learn skills, but to be transformed in a way that being a follower of Jesus who goes and makes disciples would become their lifestyle.

However, I could see from years in ministry that our tendency was to focus on completing the “task of ministry” more than truly seeing life transformation. This pattern led to accomplishing and training others to complete the job well rather than developing the hearts of servant leaders.
In these longings, I was introduced to Scripture Union’s Leadership Lab International (LLI) training for disciple makers. Their two-week training called BRIDGE articulated exactly what I was looking for to train others.

As I learned more, I knew in heart that BRIDGE provided the road map and structure we needed to prepare a new generation of Christ followers to go and make disciples.

Seminary didn’t equip me for training others in this life-giving style of disciple making where dependence on God and our relationship with others was in focus.
Because of your partnership with SU’s, training ministry LLI BRIDGE, our church is beginning to see a lifestyle change in a new generation of young leaders.

It has breathed hope into the vision of transformed disciple makers and provided exactly what we needed to provide a safe, mentored environment where these young leaders could be transformed from the inside out.
Together, we trust God to raise up the resources enabling LLI to step alongside disciple makers globally with mentored training.

You can join us with a donation of any amount to help us reach the $4000 we are asking our Lord to provide so we can keep offering training online and in-person in 2024.

Victor Millan

Victor Millan has the privilege of co-pastoring the Hispanic Congregation at Calvary Church, teaching the Word of God and providing opportunities for everyone to connect, grow and reach in meaningful ways that glorify God.